Bridges and roads HYPERDESMO


Modern bridge - a complex engineering design, which requires a maximum impact in the work of many professionals. This is no accident, how qualitatively repair or construction is done, depends not only on the level of costs of its contents, but also safety.


     Along with this, strength and durability of the bridges depends on the quality of the construction materials used. An important role in the protection of bridge structures belongs to waterproofing coating. And this is true for all the constructions: widely used both concrete and metal.

     Choice of quality modern waterproofing prolongs the life of constructions and extends the service “life” of the bridge maintained surface.


Hyperdesmo ® system - is a complex of waterproofing and protection, based on the liquid elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resin with excellent mechanical and chemical characteristics:

• Perfectly resists thermal impact, hot asphalt can be laid on the waterproofing coating.hydro_bridge02

• Resistance to low temperatures: the coating remains flexible down to -50 ° C.

• Excellent mechanical charecteristics, high elasticity and resistance to tear.

• The material hardens without shrinkage.

• Good chemical resistance.

• After the polymerization, the material is non-toxic.

• Durable waterproofing at least 25 years.

    After polymerization on the surface, forms a seamless membrane of high strength with excellent adhesion to the substrate.

     Drawing is made ​​with airless high-pressure spray, and hand tools (trowel, brush, roller).



1. Primer

     The primer ensures maximum adhesion between the base and the membrane. It also successfully seals the surface porosity of the concrete. There are various primers and the choice mainly depends on the environmental conditions and the quality of the substrate.


2. Main HYPERDESMO® waterproofing membrane

hydro_bridge03   3. Creating anti-sliding cover

     Designed to provide waterproofing membrane adhesion to the road surface (asphalt).

     The obtained membrane provides an excellent foundation for engagement with asphalt. Asphalt primer can be used as well.